Hello everyone,

I thought to write up a little guide for when one is completely new to incursions. Note that I will only cover Headquarters sized incursions here, some information (i.e. incursion site names) might be different in Assault and Vanguard sized incursions.

Lets start with some abreviations:

WWW When you are in a fleet and in the correct system you might find yourself asking where to warp to. The triple W means that the person who wrote it can be used as a target to warp to (rightclick name -> fleet -> warp to member).
AAA When this is posted in the fleet chat, it means that when inside the incursion site (past the acceleration gate) you must orbit this person. The orbit is usually about 5-10km, but some ships might like closer orbits. If you are to be the anchor, then you must have a minimum of 150k Effective Hit Points (EHP) average over all resists without any fleet bonusses applied. These resists need to be at least 75% average over all resists without fleet bonusses applied.
TTT This person is called the "Tagger". He or she will tag the enemy ships. The tags are usually shot in this order, unless told otherwise by the Fleet Commander (coming next). Here is a link on how to show tags on the overview. Should you find yourself in a position where the Fleet Commander allows others to be trained then here is a link to the tagging order.
FC This person is the Fleet Commander. He or she guides you verbally through communications (TeamSpeak, EVE Voice, etc) and has the job of making sure everything is going smooth. This usually includes handling the Fleet Composition -> What ships do you have in the fleet (by roles)? Which are still needed?
DDD Known as the "Drone Bunny". Your job as a DPS or Sniper ship is to assign your (light) DPS drones to the Drone Bunny. To do this, you rightclick your drone-group in space and hover over "assist...". Then you find the name of the assigned Drone Bunny in the list of fleet members and click the name. An important note here is that if the name begins with a lowercase letter, that it comes after the capital Z. Another note is to set your drones to passive. You do this by rightclicking the square in the top-left of your drone window and select "Drone settings". In the popup window click on "Passive".
MTAC‑P One of the 2 specific roles in the TCRC (coming later) is that there is a need for someone to pick up 's and move them over into a jetcan. A single jetcan will be able to hold 3 (you should not stack the CONCORD MTAC's). Once the can reaches the desired amount of CONCORD MTAC's, it must be abandoned, so that the next role (below) will be able to tractor them in. Note that for this role it is a must to be in a relatively small and fast ship (usually a Tech 3 cruiser with an Afterburner) and that you should try to avoid taking aggression from the enemy ships.
MTAC‑D The second specific role in the TCRC (name will be explained later). As stated above. Once the jetcan with CONCORD MTAC's inside is abandoned, it has to be tractored. These have to be dropped from the jetcan into the shield tower to disable it from repairing any damage caused to the battletower. Each CONCORD MTAC will only last 2 minutes and a new one should be dropped in about every 1:45 minutes. Again, for this role, it is a must to be in a relatively small ship with a Tractor Beam and Afterburner fitted and to try to avoid taking aggression from the enemy ships.
JJJ Often simply called the "Jammer". This ship will make sure that the two "Outuni Mesen" (these are Sansha Battleships with very heavy neutralizing capabilities) are jammed with ECM so that they cannot target (and therefore neutralize) other fleet members. There are special rules concerning the Jammer if you are a logistic vessel: You keep the jammer locked at all times and you keep all of your logistic drones on the jammer as well. Should you lose the lock you have to regain the lock on the jammer as soon as possible. Note on this: the jammer will only start jamming once locked up by all logistics and the jammer is usually a Widow, but could also be a Scorpion.
LC This is your Logistics Commander. This person is responsible to keep the logistics cap-chain stable. The cap-chain is made for Basilisks, whom need to have 2 outgoing and 2 incoming capacitor transfers. This creates a 'chain' of capacitor.

Headquarters Incursion site names and explanations:
NRF: Nation Rebirth Facility - Fitting: mix of Tank and/or Afterburner
In this site you must kill all opposing sansha forces to complete it. The AAA must aim between the rightmost Sansha Tower (looks like an amarr POS) and the location where the first wave spawns. Once in between the AAA stops his or her ship. Everyone else orbits the AAA.
TPPH: True Power Provisional Headquarters - Fitting: Afterburner if you can't make 200 m/s
In this site there are 2 acceleration gates to travel to. The first is 90 degrees to the left after you initially warp in. The second is in the next pocket and directly in front of you upon warp-in in that pocket. In the third and last pocket, you orbit your AAA. The AAA should travel about 15-18km to the left of the battletower, once there the AAA halts. As soon as the last wave is defeated, the headquarters becomes attackable. At that point gunships may break orbit from the AAA and go to their optimal ranges from the headquarters.
TCRC: True Creations Research Center - Fitting: Max Tank
This is the hardest of the 3 possible sites, partly due to the MTAC-P and MTAC-D being needed here as well as an optional JJJ. The other part that makes this site very dangerous is the initial alpha wave. Should the site be "preloaded" (more on that in a moment) the damage on the anchor will be heavy (upwards and possibly exceeding 17k DPS). The MTAC-P races to the pickup location of the CONCORD MTAC, the MTAC-D does the same, but for the drop-off location. The AAA has to relay whether the site is "preloaded", that is, if all 40-ish enemy ships are present on warp-in or if it is not preloaded (about 10 enemy ships are present). After that, the AAA does a "keep at range" of 21km to the Shield Tower (looks like a caldari POS). Once at that range, the next and last "keep at range" is to the battletower at 15km. It has to be noted here that it is also possible to do a single "keep at range" of 20km to the battletower, but this is left to the preference of the AAA or FC. All other ships that are not MTAC-D or MTAC-P will orbit the AAA. Once the battletower is destroyed the MTAC-D, MTAC-P and gunships rejoin orbits around the AAA. At this point the scrambling ships have to be killed and a staged warpout will commence.

Read the TTT information to see how tags are shown on the overview. Here is an image on how to set up the overview specifically for incursions.

Here is a link to an image which shows you where to click to broadcast. All ship in the fleet need to click on the "History" tab of the "Fleet Window". The "Fleet Window" can be found by going to the top left of the screen and clicking the big "E", then the Fleet is location within the "Social" folder. Next is to set the "Filter" to "Broadcast History".
Broadcasting rules for all ships in the fleet are as follows:

  1. Broadcast for "Need Shields" as soon as you get yellow boxed. This is when the enemy has you locked as a target, but isn't shooting you (yet). This shows as the enemy blinking with a yellow square around the icon.
  2. Broadcast for "Need Capacitor" as soon as you get neutralized by "Outuni Mesen". Should the logistics be able to fulfill capacitor requests, then you will get some capacitor. Note that should there be many requests for capacitor, then not all requests might be fulfilled. Also note that if there are many "Deltole Tegmentum" on the field, that their neutralizing might add up, so keep an eye on your capacitor.
  3. Broadcast for "In Position" as soon as you are no longer red boxed. Red boxed is when the enemy has you locked as a target and is shooting at you. This is a very important broadcast, because it lets logistics unlock you and save someone else from dying in a fire. Note here that should you need both capacitor and shields, and you have either request filled, then broadcast "In Position" followed by the request that you still need.

Covering the Watch List:
You keep the following ships on your watch list (sometimes multiple roles are done by the same person, this shortens your list, depending on the situation):

  • AAA
  • TTT
  • FC
  • JJJ (TCRC only)
  • DDD
  • MTAC-P (TCRC only)
  • MTAC-D (TCRC only)
  • LC
  • All L's (read: All logistic ships)

How can you add someone to the watch list?
You rightclick someone's name, then hover on "Fleet", then you click "Add to watch list". After you have manually added the LC to the watch list, then getting all logistics on the list is easier by using the fleet window. Rightclick the squad commander of the logistics squad and select "Add squad members to watch list".

The FC says that "Broadcast is up, <align/warp> to <location>", but how can I do that?
Having the "Fleet Window" open in the "History" tab with "Broadcast History" set as the filter (according to the Broadcasting part earlier), then you can find the broadcasts to locations in the same history. To align or warp just rightclick the broadcast and select the appropriate action.

How to manually align your ship to the warp gate?
Firstly, enable the "Tactical Overlay", it is located just to the lower-left of the Cargo-button on your HUD (or use CTRL+D, the default shortcut). Now the numbers are parallel to the warp gate. At this point, double click in space (adjusting camera helps here) along the "line" of the overlay, this will make your ship move in the proper direction. All that remains is (if you desire) to disable the "Tactical Overlay" and zoom back to your liking and wait for your FC to give the call to warp in.

What is L-ing up?
The FC or LC will ask for L's. When you L up, it means that you are ready (not AFK) and stable (when a Basilisk). The actual L-up is just typing an "L" in the fleet chat.

What is a good incursion ship?
What you have to aim for is resists above 70% across the board and the EHP needed will depend mostly on your chosen ship. Here is a small graph with recommended EHP per meter of sig radius. In general the EHP that a Cruiser or Battlecruiser sized ship needs is 75k and what a Battleship needs is 100k. For the ships themselves, recommended are Battleship/Command Ship/Tech 3 cruiser for DPS and Snipers, and a Logistic cruiser (i.e. Basilisk or Scimitar) for being a logistic ship in the fleet.

The last bit is the most important part:
Don't panic and stay calm. Even if your FC has a disconnect, proceed as planned and await his return.

Should you need more in-depth information about incursions, then here is a link to Hardin's Incursion Guide.

As usual, fly safe and have fun while making ISK-ies,

Miles Forrester, the Bird-FC.

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